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Aon’s 2005 Risks in Global Filmmaking map (detail).

IF YOU’RE ON LOCATION IN A FARAWAY LAND, what would be more of a concern: getting kidnapped or getting carjacked? Is shooting in the Republic of Georgia that much more dangerous than, say, Azerbaijan? Whether you’re shooting a DV doc or planning a massive studio blockbuster, the multinational insurance, risk management and consulting behemoth Aon should be able to help you decide. Each year the company releases a map (pictured above) that assesses the danger of shooting in every country on the planet.

Countries are evaluated on five criteria — crime (robbery, street crime and assault), organized crime and corruption (reflecting the likelihood that business will be affected by bribery, extortion or threats from organized crime or government corruption), kidnap and ransom, disease risk, and medical care — before being classified as low, moderate, medium, high or very high risk areas.

Not surprisingly, the 2005 map, released earlier this year, was not cause for much optimism. Seventy countries (including Colombia, Indonesia and Pakistan) have been designated as very high risk areas, up 15 from a year ago, while many others, including Mexico, have been reclassified from medium to high risk. For more information and a downloadable version of the map, visit


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