Jeffrey Wright and Chris Penn star in actor Adrian Pasdar’s directorial debut, Cement, a Southern California neo-noir about crooks and corrupt cops. The film unfolds through a series of flashbacks recounting the events that bring a suspected cop killer (Anthony De Sando) to a construction site where he’ll be buried alive. The film also features Sherilyn Fenn ("Twin Peaks") as the vixen whose romantic indiscretions lead to a deadly case of mistaken identity. Henry Czerny (The Boys of St. Vincent) costars. "It’s a very dark story with elements of high tragedy," comments producer D. J. Paul.

Pasdar’s starring film roles include Near Dark, Vital Signs and Streets of Gold. He is also remembered for the critically acclaimed but short-lived TV series "Profit" and "Feds". Cement-producer D.J. Paul, best known as executive producer of Sunday and Francesca Page, met Pasdar when he produced The Pompatus of Love in 1994. After the two teamed on Cement and attached Wright, Paul pre-sold four territories for roughly a third of the several-million dollar budget and used equity investments to seal a bank loan for the remainder.

Cement shot in L.A. and Long Beach for five weeks in September and October and should be completed in January. Domestic rights are available through Paul; foreign rights are available through Cineville.

Cast: Jeffrey Wright, Chris Penn, Henry Czerny, Anthony DeSando, Sherilyn Fenn, Gregory Jbara, Kevin Jackson, Titus Welliver, Yorgo Constantine, Max Martini. Crew: Producer, D.J. Paul; Executive Producers, Carl Colpaert, Brenda Reiss, Susan Shapiro; Co-Producer, Will Flaherty; Co-Executive Producers, Jeff Dowd, Jason Lust; Director, Adrian Pasdar; Screenwriter, Justin Monjo; Director of Photography, Geary Mcleod; Production Design, Michael Krantz; Editor, Jack Haigis; Costume Designer, Cherie Sevilla Ganger; Casting, Gary Zuckerbrod. Contact: D.J. Paul, Ocelot Films, 179 South Detroit Street, Los Angeles, CA 90036. Tel: (323) 934-5353, Fax: (323) 954-5354.

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