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Finishing The Game marks writer-director Justin Lin's return to his more independent roots (Better Luck Tomorrow being his independently financed debut) after a foray into more mainstream fare such as Annapolis and The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift. The film takes a comedic look at a studio's desperate search to find a replacement for a recently deceased Bruce Lee to finish his final film Game of Death. The search is chronicled through the perspective of several wannabe actors who are vying for the role at the height of Lee-mania in the 70s. The movie stars Roger Fan (D.E.B.S and Better Luck Tomorrow), James Franco (Spiderman, The Ape) and George Takei.


Writer-director By the age of four Marla Olmstead was praised as a prodigy by art critics across the globe for her ability to paint in multiple, layered dimensions, just like Pollack and Kandinsky, and unlike most toddlers. This documentary not only covers little Marla's initial success, but also the criticism and controversy that erupted when 60 Minutes ran a story questioning her credibility as an artist. Dismissing passing judgement, My Could Paint That works by being completely non-biased, laying out the case and inviting the audience to decide for themselves whether this prodigy really creates works of art, or whether an elaborate hoax is at play.

You don't have to be a massive Radiohead fan (like me) to be interested in the sudden and unexpected news today about the release of their new album, In Rainbows. With this new release the band is busting the music retailing paradigm in ways that filmmakers might think about as well. The Radiohead site allows you to buy the album, but it's...



It's possible, of course, to sniff out similar themes among the films at this year's NYFF. But what blows my mind in the fest's early days are not the similarities among films, but the gulfs; the elasticity of a medium that embraces works that face in opposite directions and speak separate cinematic languages.


Or, view it here at the Gucci site and check out the related content, including the behind-the-scenes.

Read the complete stories at Filmmakermagazine's Blog...


IFP is getting ready to announce a series of new public programs in conjunction with the 17th Annual Gotham Awards. Retrospectives of the work of actor JAVIER BARDEM, filmmaker MIRA NAIR and the five soon-to-be-announced nominees for the Gothams' "BEST FILM NOT PLAYING AT A THEATER NEAR YOU" Award (chosen by the editors of Filmmaker) will be unveiled soon, including film programs, special guests, giveaways and details for viewing online.

As previously announced, this year's Gotham Awards will take place on Tuesday, November 27th at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn. Nominees will be announced on October 22nd.


Currently on our website, check out coverage of the New York Film Festival with blogs from our writers at the fest and video shorts from director/journalist Jamie Stuart. His first short is already up and is a hilarious piece starring Wes Anderson and Jason Schwartzman. Click here to view the short.


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