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New York University Tisch Asia
Editor's Note

Iím on my way to SXSW this weekend, but if I wasnít, Iíd be hanging out at the IFC Center where two of my favorite recent movies are both opening on the same day. Iíve long been a big fan of Gus Van Sant, and to see him continue his mid-career streak with a film as strong as Paranoid Park is an incredible thrill. Check out my interview with Van Sant in the new Filmmaker but, more importantly, go see the film itself this weekend. The other film is, of course, Ron Bronsteinís Frownland, a movie we are especially proud of her at Filmmaker. It was awarded our Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You Gotham Award, and now the IFC has given this confounding, challenging, but ultimately rewarding and mind-altering throwback to the grubby glory days of independent film a week run. If you care about supporting true outsider visions, please go see it. As for SXSW, there are quite a few films Iím looking forward to as well as, of course, the townís famous barbecue and Tex-Mex. Iím particularly happy that so many films from the IFP and the IFP Rough Cut Lab are there. Check the blog during the next week for news and updates.


Scott Macaulay


Though having completed his "Death Trilogy" (Gerry, Elephant, Last Days), Gus Van Santhasn't fully left the issue of mortality with his latest project, an adaptation of the young-adult novel by Blake Nelson of the same title. But Paranoid Park has a completely different emotional temperature than the previous three films. In the movie, Alex, a shy skateboarder, sneaks to the skate haven, Paranoid Park, and is involved with the accidental death of a security guard. Alex is played beautifully by newcomer Gabe Nevins, and the film uses Super 8 skate footage, Chris Doyleís wondrous cinematography, and Van Santís unparalleled cinematic sensitivity to the emotional terrain of adolescence to depict the inner life of a teen grappling with guilt and growing up. Itís one of the best films of the year.


Known for his hot and sticky tales of adolescent life in the south, David Gordon Green's trip to the snow-covered woods of Pennsylvania for the setting of his latest film is quite a change of pace. (Fans will be thrown for a bigger loop when they see his next film, the Judd Apatow-produced stoner comedy Pineapple Express in the summer). Starring Sam Rockwell and Kate Beckinsale, the story revolves around three couples in a small town and how an act of violence disrupts their lives. The film's smooth camera work by long-time Green collaborator Tim Orr, its morose vibe, and a powerful performance by Sam Rockwell as a man trying desperately to do the right thing are all demonstrations of a still growing director artfully extending his emotional range.


This week on the blog, Scott Macaulay learns about the new online zine Stream, brings us up to speed on the TED conference, updates the ongoing saga that is the Edison Chen scandal and finds a town buried in the sand (pictured left).

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Eleven IFP-supported films will screen at this year's SXSW Film Festival (which kicks off this weekend), including six films from IFP's Independent Film Labs. Projects invited to screen at SXSW include: Caroline Suh and Erika Frankel's FrontRunners (IFP Market - Spotlight on Documentaries 2007); Jennifer Phang's Half-Life (IFP Narrative Rough Cut Lab 2005); Marco Ricci and Michael Canzoniero's The Marconi Bros. (IFP Narrative Rough Cut Lab 2007); Tom Quinn's The New Year Parade (IFP Narrative Rough Cut Lab 2007); Georgina Lighting's Older Than America (IFP Narrative Rough Cut Lab 2007); Kevin Ely and Beau Leland's Rainbow Around The Sun (IFP Narrative Rough Cut Lab 2007); John Magary's The Second Line (An IFP Fiscally Sponsored Project); Peter Galison and Robb Moss's Secrecy (IFP Market - Spotlight on Documentaries 2006); Dori Berinstein's Some Assembly Required (An IFP Fiscally Sponsored Project); Emily Hubley's The Toe Tactic (IFP Market - No Borders 2003); and Alex Karpovsky's Woodpecker (IFP Narrative Rough Cut Lab 2007). IFP staffers Amy Dotson and Durier Ryan will be in attendance at the festival.


By Brian Lowery

Winner of the 2007 "Best Film Not Playing At A Theater Near You" award at the Gotham Awards, Ronald Bronstein's Frownland has been a favorite of ours since we saw it at last year's SXSW. Now it will finally be in theaters as it opens at the IFC Center in New York this Friday. To get you ready, here's an interview we ran last summer with Bronstein by David Lowery.

Traveling on the festival circuit and spending days in darkened theaters, one grows accustomed to the ebb and flow of certain trends in independent film. Talkative, shakily digital twentysomething dramedies; sensitive tone poems; documentaries both edgy and lyrical. Then a film like Ronald Bronsteinís Frownland comes out of nowhere and reminds us why we go to festivals in the first place: to see things weíve never seen before. read more

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