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New York University Tisch Asia
Editor's Note

Why don't more independent filmmakers create works for the internet? This is a question that I've been mulling over for some time. Sure, the revenue models aren't worked out yet, but given the accessibility of the medium, the frustration felt by so many independents waiting for greenlights, and the DIY ingenuity of indie producers and directors, you'd think that more would seek to explore the creative possibilities of web video in their downtime between features.

We'll be exploring this topic tonight at the IFC Center in a screening and panel discussion entitled "Where Internet and Film Collide." It's part of Internet Week New York, and it's a chance to hear myself, Lance Weiler, Jamie Stuart and others talk about the process of creating work that's designed, aesthetically and economically, for the web. Please click here to buy tickets and here for more info on the program. Hope to see some of you there.


Scott Macaulay

Writer/Producer Dallas Mitchell Brennan and director Phil Bertelsen team up for Rock the Paint, a coming-of-age story set in inner-city Newark, New Jersey around a high-school basketball team. Josh Sendler (Douglas Smith) a recent rural Indiana transfer finds a friend in fellow teammate, Antwon Jackson (Kevin Phillips). But, in this racially-charged drama friendships are to be tested when Antwon's best friend and teammate, T-Bone (Jas Anderson), becomes increasingly hostile to the white outsider.


Nina Davenportís excellent documentary, Operation Filmmaker, follows the story of Muthana Mohmed, a twenty-five-year-old Baghdad film student questionably imported to the States by Liev Scrieber after an MTV report on his film school being blown-up. Proving again that no "good" deed goes unpunished, this leads to a series of personality and political conflicts on the set of his first film job as gopher, where Mohmed whines about preparing snacks, praises George Bush and tries to bed any female in sight. By the time Mohmed tries to extort money from Davenport herself, it's no longer clear who the villain in the story is, the self-serving liberal filmmakers or the clever opportunist.


This week on the blog, Scott Macaulay comments on SAG's granting of waivers to independent productions in the face of the possible upcoming strike, reports on the Paramount Pictures/Paramount Vantage merger, and comments on Crooked Timber's apparent distaste for indie film. Finally don't forget to check out "Where Film and Internet Collide" (left) at the IFC tonight.

To read more posts from our blog, click here.


IFP is proud to sponsor New York State's "I Love New York" Short Film Competition, which launches today. The competition invites filmmakers to produce their take on the iconic "I LOVE NY" campaign and depict what they love about the State in a 60-second short film. Filmmakers will be able to submit their short films between June 1 and July 15. The winning film will air during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, on IFC, and on JetBlue's in-flight entertainment system. Other prizes include Sony HD video equipment, New York weekend getaways and more. For more information, visit


By Nick Dawson

Though best known for playing a legendary director on screen, Martin Hynes seems destined to become an auteur in reality as well. Hynes' directorial return, The Go-Getter, was inspired by his emotional response to the death of his mother and the collapse of his marriage soon after. A feeling of poignancy and loss underpins this individualistic road movie, the story of Mercer (Lou Taylor Pucci), a young man who steals a car to drive across the country and tell his half brother that their mother has died. The journey is punctuated by Mercer's quirky encounters with the people he meets on the road. The Go-Getter is, in essence, the perfect indie road movie. read more

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