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The latest issue of FILMMAKER has just hit stands and now it's your chance to pick up the most comprehensive coverage of independent film. Here's a sneak peak at some of the things inside this issue...

KATHRYN BIGELOW'S THE HURT LOCKER: After a seven year absence from feature filmmaking, Kathryn Bigelow graces our cover this issue as she returns with, The Hurt Locker, a gripping look at the psychology of war told through Bigelow's adrenaline-filled style as we follow a ragtag Army bomb disposal team. "It's been a long time since Kathryn Bigelow last had a movie out, so it was really exciting to sit down with her to discuss The Hurt Locker," says contributing editor Nick Dawson, who conducted the interview. "The film is one of her finest, and she was incredibly open and articulate when discussing it which made our conversation both fascinating and very enjoyable."
ROBERT KEENER'S FOOD, INC.: Examining where the food we eat really comes from, documentary filmmaker Robert Keener investigates America's slaughter houses and farms to reveal the horrors that goes on under our noses and the incredible political powers these food corporations have. Frankly, Food, Inc. will make you never look at your supermaket shelves the same way again. But as managing editor Jason Guerrasio learned from interviewing Keener, there's much more going on. "As shocking as the things are that he reveals in the movie, when talking to Robert it was surprising to discuss what he couldn't fit in the film," says Guerrasio. "There's so much more unthinkable tactics going on."

ERAN RIKLIS'S LEMON TREE: "As a man whose films focus on conflict, Israeli director Eran Riklis was the figure of calm and goodwill when I sat down to talk about allegory, Israeli film and the recent conflict in Gaza," says senior editor Peter Bowen about his interview with the Lemon Tree director. In the film, based on true events, Riklis dramatizes the region's conflicts by telling the story of a Palestinian widow (Hiam Abbass) battling to save her lemon grove from Israel's Defense Minister. The film has already been a success on the festival circuit as it won the Audience Award at last year's Berlin International Film Festival.


PLUS: Steven Soderbergh and Sasha Grey talk about The Girlfriend Experience, Kelly Reichardt interviews Treeless Mountain's So Yong Kim, Ramin Bahrani discusses Goodbye Solo, we highlight the latest in high-definition digital cameras, Jon Reiss gives us Part 3 of his series of pieces on DIY distribution -- this time breaking down Web marketing, and Esther B. Robinson explains how to better understand your credit card situation so you can continue to finance movies with them. And much more...

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