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Editor's Note
The Tribeca Film Festival is underway, and I've just posted 25 films I'm most interested in seeing. There are a number of films we've been tracking on the list - many from the IFP Labs, "25 New Face" veterans, and also just movies we've heard great things about from the production community. Check out my list and let me know if it matches yours.

Also just up on the site are selected articles from our Spring, 2012 issue. Wes Anderson is on the cover for his wonderful new Moonlight Kingdom, which is the opening film this year at the Cannes Film Festival and is released by Focus Features at the end of May. Walter Donahue's interview with Anderson is print only, so look for it on newsstands. Also in the magazine are two articles on independent filmmakers crossing over into television. Alicia Van Couvering writes about filmmakers, including Girls' Lena Dunham, creating their own shows, while Anthony Kaufman explores the world of TV directing-for-hire. Television is a huge topic these days, and we've kept our focus, as always, on the role independent filmmakers can play within it. One online article is a detailed piece by attorneys Matthew Savare and Richard Jaycobs on the just-passed JOBS Act, and how its crowdfunding provisions are poised to reshape independent film. Also, filmmaker Ry Russo-Young interviewed Your Sister's Sister director Lynn Shelton, and there's lots of honest, practical talk about shooting and directing a film incorporating improvisation. There's more, of course, so visit the link above, and see you around Tribeca.

Scott Macaulay

Upcoming At IFP
INDEPENDENT FILM WEEK SUBMISSIONS OPEN; NARRATIVE DEADLINES APPROACHING Submissions are now open and deadlines approaching for the Project Forum of Independent Film Week. As the core professional event of Independent Film Week, the Project Forum is a meetings-driven forum connecting filmmakers who have new narrative and documentary projects with key industry executives interested in identifying projects with which to become involved at the financing or distribution stage. All three sections are now open for submission: Emerging Narrative (Deadline May 4 - for U.S. writers and writer/directors seeking producers and agents to develop, produce, represent and finance their scripts), No Borders (Deadline May 4 - for U.S. and international producers with partial financing on new narrative projects seeking additional partners), Spotlight on Documentaries (Early deadline May 4; final May 25 - for U.S. filmmakers with projects in production or post-production seeking financing partners, broadcast/distribution opportunities, and festival invitations.) For more information on the Project Forum sections, criteria, and application links, go here.
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Editor's Note
Darling Companion
My Way
Could You Be Loved: Kevin McDonald's Marley
Independent Film Week Submissions Open; Narrative Deadlines Approaching
Fest Deadlines
New In Theaters
MARLEY Kevin McDonald's eagerly awaited documentary, Marley, focuses on the life of legendary reggae artist Bob Marley. Years in the making, the project was in the hands of everyone from Martin Scorsese to Jonathan Demme before The Last King of Scotland director Kevin McDonald took over and completed the first document of Marley's life to ever be approved by his family. The film features interviews with Ziggy Marley, Lee Perry and Jimmy Cliff among others. Read Howard Feinstein's review here
DARLING COMPANION In Lawrence Kasdan's new comedy Darling Companion, a surgeon (Kevin Kline) undergoes relationship difficulties with his wife (Diane Keaton) after he looses her beloved dog. The film is based on Kasdan and his wife/co-writer Meg's real life experience loosing their dog Mac on an excursion in the Rockies. Fortunately, Mac was found unharmed and Kasdan was inspired to make his next film. Darling Companion features a stellar ensemble cast including Dianne West, Richard Jenkins, Elizabeth Moss, Mark Duplass, Ayelet Zurer and Sam Shepard.
MY WAY Based on a true story, Je-kyu Kang's war drama My Way focuses on two men whose lifelong rivalry to be the next great marathon runner is put on hold when they are enlisted to fight in World War II. One of the forerunners of the current South Korean film wave, Je-kyu Kang was on a long hiatus before returning with My Way, which is his first film in seven years. The epic film took almost a year to shoot and cost a whopping 28 billion won.
Recent Blogs
This week on the blog, Scott Macaulay interviews Paper co-creator Andrew Allen (pictured left), and shares Off!'s "Wiped Out" music video by Richard Kern, and Michael Murie shares Canon's response to Sony's NEX-FS700 announcement.

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Newest Web Article

At first it seems curious that the starting point of this brilliant, definitive documentary about the late Jamaican reggae sensation Bob Marley is archival footage of Cape Coast Castle in Ghana, the facility from which 60 million Africans were crammed through the Door of No Return to commence lives of total servitude in the West. Marley was the offspring of a black Jamaican mother and a white English father (who posed as a captain), whom he met only a handful of times. In the film there is no mention of slavery in the family history. Late in this elegantly elliptical movie, Marley himself finally gets to Africa, putting on concerts to promote tolerance and to defuse violence. (African audiences were initially resistant to his music.) read more

Festival Deadlines
International Black Film Festival of Nashville
Earlybird Deadline: April 20
Regular Deadline: June 4
Late Deadline: June 29
WAB Deadline: July 13
Festival Dates: October 3 - 7

Melbourne Underground Film Festival
Earlybird Deadline: April 23
Regular Deadline: June 22
Late Deadline: July 1
WAB Deadline: July 7
Festival Dates: August 24 - September 1

Oregon Independent Film Festival
Late Deadline: April 24
WAB Deadline: May 31
Festival Dates: August 25 - 31

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